Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh, no

Over the weekend, Murray Waas broke the story that Dubya's fingerprints are all over the Plame leak. The blogosphere celebrated the story, as did I.

I just saw Lawrence O'Donnell on Olbermann. And I think we all got it wrong.

O'Donnell observed that the information leaked to Waas seemed like an authorized leak, and supplied the answer to the obvious "why" question.

They're laying the groundwork for pardoning the bastard.

The narrative they are setting up goes like this: The President authorized declassifiying infomration in order to counter WIlson -- all strictly by the book. Somehow the game of telephone and the understandable but overzealous actions of his loyal serf led to the unfortunate and illegal Plame outing. It isn't fair to Libby to ask him to take the fall for the unintended consequences of his loyalty, so he will be pardoned.

Fitzgerald had better make something happen soon -- indict Cheney, issue a report, something -- or he is going to wind up next to Lawrence Walsh in the CouldaWouldaShoulda Prosecutor's Hall of Fame.


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