Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Holy moly! Olbermann asks The Question!

I just watched Keith on Countdown talking with Howard Feinman about Rudy Giuliani's meandering campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. It started with a discussion of Rudy's recent campaign appearance in support of Man-dog Santorum. But then Keith read the Coulter quote about the 9/11 widows and talked about how Rudy was going to going to have to face The Question evenutally despite his attempts to avoid it. Feinman agreed.

No need to credit me, guys. Your willingness to follow up will be enough for me.

Just do it.


Blogger Eric Soderstrom said...

This has been churning in the back of my brain since you started writing about it and the thought is now coherent enough (I think, anyway) to try to express:

There is a difference bwtween being a Michael Moore Democrat and an Ann Coulter Republican. The two are not equivalent opposites. I'm a Democrat, nominally. (I consider myself a progressive, and that puts me squarely in the Democrat camp, at least until the Greens and Libertarians merge forming the GreenLib party.)

Michael Moore was demonized by Fox and the MSM in the eyes of Republcans and the masses who consume Fox and MSM. And if someone accused me of beeing an MMD, I would not feel compeeled to disagree. I am a Democrat and I like a lot of what Michael Moore has to say on things. There's nothing particularly vile about him. He doesn't say or do outlandish things in order to stir up media attention and book sales. The things he says and does are intended to raise public awareness (like reading the Patriot Act out loud and asking congress members to enlist their kids) and bring about change.

Ann, on the other hand is just wicked and vile. She does wicked, vile things to get a reaction and not to serve any greater purpose. Was she raising the awareness of 9/11 widows?

The point I'm trying to get at is it is easier for a Republican to distance his or herself from Ann Coulter than it is for a Democrat to do the same with Michael Moore. And in most cases, we wouldn't want to distance ourself from him, we are more likely to defend him.

5:38 PM  
Blogger bluememe said...

Sure -- the attacks on Moore are essentially content-free -- they define their own bogeyman, and the whole thing has exactly nothing to do with what Moore actually says and does. That's how they beat Gore and Kerry and on and on.

They live in a world of simple, primitive symbols, and their symbols do not map very well into reality.

Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps there is a another column in there somewhere.

7:37 AM  

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