Thursday, June 15, 2006

Signs of The Times

From today's NY Times, p. A17:
President Bush said on Wednesday that he 'took a sigh of relief' when fderal prosecutors decided not to indict Karl Rove, his top political advisor, in the CIA leak case.

But Mr. Bush, speaking with reporters in the Rose Garden, still faces tough questions about the investigation. One journalist asked if the President believed that Rove owed any apologies for providing 'misleading' statements about his role in the case. Another asked, 'Do you have any work to do to rebuild credibilty that might have been lost?'

And how did His Nibs answer those questions?

Hey, you wanna know the answers to the questions other reporters ask, read their newspapers. We don't consider it news unless we are the ones asking the questions. We're the NY Times. We decide, you go elsewhere to be informed.


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