Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Rude One nails it

The Rude Pundit asks the elephant-in-the-room, wrenching questions about the American soldiers kidnapped in Iraq:
What if we learn that their captors decide that the soldiers can offer intelligence that can be of use to al-Qaeda and, in order to get that information, the captors put the nude soldiers into rooms that are heated to hellish temperatures, followed by rooms that are impossibly cold with colder water tossed onto them? What if the soldiers are made to stand for days on end? Put into stress positions that fuck up their muscles and limbs? Denied sleep? Had loud music played into their cells? Kept in isolation and fed bread and water for days, weeks on end?

What if they strap one or both of those Americans to a board and hold them underwater until their drowning reflex forces them to panic, thrash, claw desperately for air, only to be brought up to breathe and then placed underwater again? And again? Until the captors get the answers they seek?

What if those captors take the nude, sleep-deprived, shit and piss-covered, nearly drowned and dog-frightened American soldiers and handcuff them to beds with women's panties on their heads, snapping photographs and laughing, talking about publishing the photos so that everyone can see the soldiers with their panty-sniffing heads and terror-shriveled cocks, so that all of al-Qaeda can laugh at what pussies Americans can be made to seem?

What if, and, really, does it need to be said, they are made to stand, hooded, with faux electrodes attached to their nuts and fingers, told that if they don't start answering questions, well, testicles only can take so much electroshock before they just pop like squeezed grapes?

What will our government do? What could it do? Could it condemn the actions as not abiding by the Geneva Conventions? Could it call the actions "torture"? Could it demand accountability? Could it demand that the soldiers be treated as POWs? Could it simply say, "Well, we don't do that shit...anymore"?

But the answer, alas, is obvious. Dick Cheney will tell us that no one could have anticipated that our crimes would be used against us. George Bush will tell us that, as with nukes, torture is a weapon America can have and use but that is too dangerous to entrust to others who might abuse it. And the press will remain wilfully and completely blind to the contradiction between our outrage and our guilt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this Iraqi debacle is a war, like the president says, "I am a wartime president" then words like 'kidnapped' are not right. The word should be captured. You're captured by the enemy in a war, not kidnapped! You're getting your merds wixed.

3:47 AM  
Blogger bluememe said...

Ah, but as the Queen of Hearts, Dubya makes words mean precisely what he wants them to mean, which changes depending on the circumnstances. Because it is, the Constitution is a dead letter; because it isn't, the Genenva Conventions don't apply; you get the idea. And because he is the president, he doesn't even have to explain which applies when.

7:49 AM  

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