Monday, May 15, 2006

Thank goodness

A String of Death by Gators in Florida

The bodies of two women, both apparently killed by alligators, were found in Florida on Sunday, less than a week after a similar death near Fort Lauderdale. Florida had just 17 confirmed fatal attacks by alligators in the past 58 years.

One of the women, Annemarie Campbell, of Paris, Tenn., was staying in a cabin near Lake George, about 50 miles southeast of Gainesville, and was attacked at a lakeside recreation area, said Capt. Joe Amigliore of Marion County Fire-Rescue.

"The people she was staying with came around and found her inside the gator's mouth," Captain Amigliore said. "They jumped into the water and somehow pulled her out of the gator's mouth."

In Pinellas County, an alligator was blamed for the death of a woman whose body was found early Sunday in a canal 20 miles north of St. Petersburg, the authorities said.

The authorities baited traps for both alligators. On Saturday, wildlife officers captured a 9-foot-6-inch alligator in Sunrise that they think killed a Florida Atlantic University student jogging near a canal.

Whew. Just when you think the MSM will be forced to cover FoggoGossgate, Plamegate, NSAgate, Cheneygate, Iraqgate, Irangate, Noegate, Ponygate and all the rest, Florida--truly the home of the Deux ex Machina of the Republican Party--comes through. If the victims were white women, it could be months before the American public hears anything unpleasant about the facists-in-residence.


Blogger vermontraccoon said...

Those alligators HATE OUR FREEDOM! It's time for Halliburton to get a no-bid contract to combat these human-animal hybrid lib'ral thunder lizards! Quick, another tax cut for the Super-rich!

7:44 AM  
Blogger Jimi said...

I'm with the varmit from Vermont, them reptilian monsters are a clear and present danger to the super-rich. Best be kept in the news at least till the elections are over.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Eric Soderstrom said...

Um...what the fuck? Where was the news today? Nothing on the idictment of Rove. Nothing on Cheney's handwritten notes? Was I just dreaming on Saturday night? Is it all aligators all the time now? Are they waiting until after the immigration speech? Or is the media really that bad? I mean, I know it's bad, really bad, but this bad? Were the announcements on Truthout premature?

11:44 PM  

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