Monday, May 22, 2006

Stockholm Syndrome

Digby and Atrios point out the absurdity in the way the Times is now clucking over the private details of the Clinton marriage.

It is hard for me to believe that there is no cause and effect with Sunday's threat from Consigliere Alberto Gonzales to prosecute reporters who displease the Godfather.

The press could display two possible responses to the kind of chronic abuse the Republicans have been heaping on them. What should be happening is that they recognize the abuse for what it is, get angry at their abusers, and fight back. I am about ready to write that possibility off as impossible.

The other is to allow themselves to be convinced that they deserve the abuse, and to do whatever they can to minimize those feelings of guilt and helplessness.

Stockholm Syndrome.

And so they do their abuser's bidding -- bashing Democrats, ignoring Republican malfeasance, and surrendering the First Amendment without a peep of protest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And so they do their abuser's bidding -- bashing Democrats, ignoring Republican malfeasance, and surrendering the First Amendment without a peep of protest."


This kill the messenger syndrome by killing the press is another example of the republican bullying and fear mongering that we're so used to. And so fascist.

America, come out, come out where ever you are.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Eric Soderstrom said...

I am starting to give up my hope for the NY Times along with the rest of the MSM. I am travelling right now, and the USA Today is back to being my doormat. There it was, the first thing I saw on my way out to coffee, stale danish, and endless powerpoint presentations - The headline above the fold article was about American Idol.

Maybe it is about free markets. If the truth (objective reality truth) were in the interest of big business, it would make it to press. Maybe we need to find the businesses that would benefit from the truth and get them to start investing in alternative media and making political contributions. I'm sure the number 2-5 contractors behind Haliburton could pool their resources, for example.

Also - I posted six months or so ago about how I thought the Democrats really needed to do an internal housekeeping and get some wrong doers to come forward, admit their wrongdoing and step down or it would bite us. Well, it's biting us now. Talk about cold hard cash - the money was in a freezer? And he says there's another side to this story? And then there's the Milberg Weiss story. I anticipate several more before November. Now will they clean house?

Or maybe we are just foolish to think the Democratic Party is any sort of "alternative" to the Republicans. It's just Miller and Miller Lite - no matter which one you buy, it's still bad beer, the Lite version is ostensibly "better for you," but the dollars still go to the same people.

How's that TA? I'm still not ready for armed insurrection, but I am seeing your viewpoint a little more clearly, I think.

8:33 AM  

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