Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pre-approved lying

The MSM seems anxious to help walk back the USA Today bombshell about NSA call logging. (Exhibit A: CBS's A Story Slipping Away?)

But Atrios pointed out the amazing coincidence (caught by Think Progress) that less than two weeks ago Shrub gave Negroponte the power to pre-emptively give the phone companies a pass on lying about their actions in the name of national security. That's securities law, Bush-style.

It's kinda like getting a pardon before you commit the crime -- from your co-conspirator.

It doesn't just completely undermine whatever carefully parsed claims of innocence that may spew from the telcos. It indicates the lengths to which these folks will go to cover their tracks. If they can issue Ma Bell a license to lie, trivialities like pardoning Karl Rove will hardly slow them down.


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