Friday, December 30, 2005

Victor Davis Wingnut alert

I could do another tapdance on the latest from VDH, but TBogg has aready done the pseudo-heavy lifting. Hanson joins all-star wanker Richard Cohen in faulting the politics of the film Syriana.
A slickly filmed "Syriana" is the worst of the recent releases. The film's problem is not just that it predictably presents the bad, ugly sheik as a puppet of American oil interests while the handsome and good independent crown price is assassinated for championing his oppressed people against Western hegemony. Or that the conniving corporate potentates have big bellies and Southern accents while the goodhearted, sloppily dressed George Clooney is double-crossed by his stylish, pampered CIA bosses safe in the Washington, D.C., suburbs.

"Syriana" also perverts historical reality. Everything connected with the oil industry is portrayed as corrupt and exploitative, with no hint that petroleum fuels civilization.

How could anyone possibly think such a thing?

Hanson will soon have to be be given his star on the Wingnut Walk of Fame and declared ineligible for "Wanker of the Day" competitions.

Update: As a reader points out, Wolcott tees off as well. (Better, actually.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wolcott eviscerates hanson yet again ( wolcott punishes hanson like a punching bag at least once a week )

11:32 PM  

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