Friday, October 07, 2005

What's the matter with Kansas?

Well, Dorothy, among other things, the folks responsible for educating their kids are out of their fucking minds:

Some legislators wonder whether the [Kansas] State Board of Education went too far by naming as education commissioner Bob Corkins, a conservative political activist who's lobbied against increased school spending and has no professional education background.
Backing Corkins are board members pushing new science standards written by intelligent design advocates, criticizing the theory of evolution. Most also want school districts to get parental permission before students can attend sex education classes.

When Corkins was named, some lawmakers began talking about passing a proposed constitutional amendment allowing voters to decide whether they want to abolish the elected board.

"If there is a backlash to this, it most likely will be questioning anew whether the Board of Education should be disbanded and replaced by a secretary of education named by the governor and confirmed by the Senate," said Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt, R-Independence. Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Jean Schodorf said it's beyond "likely."
Since 1969, legislators failed more than 30 times to either abolish the board or change the way it operates. The board continues as it has since its 1966 inception - voters elect the 10 members, who hire the education commissioner.

"You're hearing more moderates talking about it now, where before it was conservatives," said House Education Chairwoman Kathe Decker, R-Clay Center. "It's an idea that's always out there. It's not going away."
"How many of these evolution debates can go on before the people say our leaders are failing because they are going in directions that embarrass us?" Beatty said. "The question is what is enough, that we need to show some commonsense on education issues."

Pretty good question.


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