Tuesday, October 04, 2005

NY Times To Run Full Account of Miller Case This Week

The New York Times will carry what executive editor Bill Keller calls a full account of Judith Miller's involvement in the Plame case as early as this weekend, according to an article in the paper Tuesday.

"I know that you and our readers still have a lot of questions about how this drama unfolded," Keller told the staff members, who had gathered to greet Miller on her return to the newsroom on Monday.

He said the paper had been afraid to reveal much about the case for fear of compounding Miller's legal situation, but added, according to Tuesday's story, "Now that she's free, we intend to answer those questions to the best of our ability in a thoroughly reported piece in the pages of The New York Times, and soon. We owe it to our readers, and we owe it to you, our staff."

Miller said she would cooperate with the newspaper's reporters. She added that she was uncertain whether she would write her own account (like Time magazine's Matthew Cooper after he testified) in the newspaper or in a book.
Oh, gee, what do you think she'll decide to do? Between the Queen's well-established penchant for twisting the news and the presumed omissions in her account so she can peddle her book, I'm not expecting the Times story to offer much in the way of answers to my questions about this mess.


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