Monday, September 19, 2005


The always-sagacious New York Times editorial board this morning:

In recent days, the United States judicial system and the Communist government of China both reached shameful milestones. In the United States, the New York Times reporter Judith Miller has been jailed for more than 75 days. Another employee of The Times, Zhao Yan, marked a full year in prison in China.


No one, except the Chinese authorities, knows precisely why Mr. Zhao was grabbed in a restaurant on Sept. 17, 2004, but it apparently was retaliation for The Times reporting in advance that the Chinese leader Jiang Zemin would retire. Mr. Zhao had nothing to do with that article, but the government has since charged him with leaking state secrets, a capital crime.


We are not suggesting that the American justice system can be compared to China's. Although the government shrouded its case in secrecy, Ms. Miller was allowed hearings and appeals. There has not been even a hint of due process for Mr. Zhao, who has no hope of justice if he goes to trial.

Well, that's pretty much exactly what they're doing here, isn't it? What a bunch of self-aggrandizing, disingenuous chuckleheads.

Actually, the differences in Zhao's and Miller's case are crucial. In China, they're keeping Zhao on ice because they can't risk the bad publicity that would go with executing him. In D.C., they're keeping Judy Kneepads on ice because they can't risk the bad publicity that would go with giving her a Medal of Freedom.


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