Saturday, September 24, 2005


Daily Kos: I'm On the Verge of Saying Screw the Anti-War Rally

I was seriously considering heading up to the local anti-war rally today. But when I went online yestarday to find the particulars, I saw that the march was about a bunch of other issues, including issues/positions I wanted nothing to do with. So I stayed home. Others, I now see, had a similar reaction:
Watching clips of the Answer Anti-War Rally, all I see are things that I want nothing to do with. I am a staunch supporter of Israel, and its fundamental right to exist. I bet you that the majority of Americans who are against the war are too. Yet I watch this rally and see people basically supporting the Hamas, etc., and the suicide killings of innocent Israelis in cafes, on buses, etc.

If you want to break down the coalition of people against the war, turning this into a hate the Jews/Israel party is an easy way to do it. So, I suggest this: back the f--k off other issues, and concentrate on the one issue that unites us, and unites this community with the majority of the American people: The Iraq War was A Mistake, and the US should pull out as fast as possible. As a subsidiary to this: George W. Bush is responsible for the biggest foreign policy blunder (i.e. Iraq) since at least Vietnam, and should be held accountable. Going beyond this to other pet issues of the so-called far-left is going to break this coalition down and kill the common cause.

If I wanted to be funny about it, I would compare this situation to the way in Monty Python's classic "Life of Brian" the People's Judean Front is too busy squabbling with the Judean People's Front to ever get around to dealing with the Romans. But this ain't funny -- it is totally counterproductive. Which makes me think about the Spartacus Youth Leauge, a group that mucked things up at my college long ago. Though they claimed to be far-left, I always thought they were so effective at splintering, and thus neutering the rest of the leftists that they were probably CIA plants. Reading in my alumni magazine that the leader of our campus Sparts became a commodities trader after graduation did little to change my view.

So stop this shit, please. U.S. out of Iraq, period.


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