Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What's just below educable/trainable?

Billmon points out what a self-inflicted wound the Sheehan vigil is for Geedubya.
[I]f Cindy really is a front woman for the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, as the wing nuts now claim, then you'd almost have to conclude that Bush was in on the planning, too. Hauling the entire White House press corps down to Bumfuck, Texas, so they can spend the better part of August playing cowchip bingo, was a move that seems, in hindsight, almost custom-designed to generate massive media coverage of Cindy's protest. In Washington, she'd be just another face in Lafayette Square (the designated "free speech zone" in front of the White House.) In Crawford, she's the only thing making news within a 500-mile radius. That seems like an awfully high political price to pay to move Bush and his imperial retinue from one volcanic pit of heat and humidity to another for five weeks.

I've got to believe that somebody on the team is smart enought to realize that even if Bush is too candy-assed to defuse the situation by confronting Sheehan, heading back to Washington to face the business of the nation would have much the same effect. It isn't the fact that Sheehan is protesting, but the contrast of her in a ditch outside his dude ranch (sans horses) that gives her protest its power. But trying to get George to do the smart thing must play out about like this:

"George.... George... look at me, George. We don't stick paper clips into AC receptacles, George. It is bad for you."

"George? Are you listening?"

"George! We don't--"


And so Presidential stupidity must be portrayed as "stay the course" resolve.


Blogger Dr. Bloor said...

For some reason, your anecdote got me to thinking about all those studies where lab rats, monkeys and anything else with a pulse can be trained to execute tasks ad infinitum when they received cocaine at the end of the behavioral routine. If his handlers could find a way to link the ingestion of all the blow and other illicit substances the Vacationer-in-Chief is probably using to specific behavioral routines, he'd probably be less likely to ram shit into outlets and the like.

8:55 AM  

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