Saturday, August 13, 2005

Triumph of the Will

'Wash Post' Hit For Sponsorship Of 'Freedom' March:
"The Washington Post has no plans to withdraw its co-sponsorship of a controversial Sept. 11 memorial walk being organized by the Department of Defense, according to Publisher Bo Jones. But, he said the paper would pull out if the event turns out to be some kind of pro-war or political march.

'This was part of the memorial of the 9/11 victims and an effort for veterans past and present and that is it,' Jones said about the 'Freedom Walk' slated for Sept. 11. 'This has nothing to do with politics or the war or support of any political position.'

Still, Jones added that the paper would withdraw support, which consists of providing public service advertising space in the paper, if the event turns partisan. 'If I turns out to be a political event, we would disassociate ourselves from it,' he said.

The gathering will culminate in a concert by country star Clint Black, known for a pro-war song 'Iraq and I Roll,' which declares, 'We can't ignore the devil, he'll keep coming back for more.'

Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie, Jr. declined to comment on the paper's involvement, other than to say, 'it does not affect our coverage.'

But Rick Weiss, a Post science reporter and co-chair of the Washington Post unit of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, noted the hypocrisy of the paper's involvement, since it bars reporters from participating in partisan events. 'It is dismaying, to say the least, that I can be fired for participating in a peace march while my employer feels free to co-sponsor an event that so blatantly beats the drum of war,' Weiss stated."

I'm sure the WaPo will get the inside track on lots of stirring images of the parade:

and the rally that follows:

perhaps they will even pay for a documentarian to make a movie:

You know, "Exclusive: The Washington Post Presents a Daring Recreation of 'The Triumph of the Will'"


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