Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Senior General Is Relieved of Duties

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Senior General Is Relieved of Duties

The Army said Tuesday it relieved a four-star general of his command after an investigation into unspecified ``personal conduct.''

Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes was relieved as commander of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command on Monday by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker, according to a brief statement issued by Army headquarters at the Pentagon.

In George Bush's Army, the list of things that will get a senior officer busted is damned short. Incompetence? That gets you the Medal of Freedom. Condoning (or even facilitating) torture? That gets you promoted. So this is a mystery.

I have no knowledge whatsoever here. But based on past practice, I can think of only one reason for his flameout. Former Lousiana Edwin Edwards once said that "The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy." And the dead girl part no longer seems operative -- right, Scarborough?


Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

Caught part of a C-SPAN coverage of a Pentagon breifing. Looks like the general sort of spoke out against the war in Iraq by saying we couldn't win.

In the chimp's world having a different opinion then his will get you fired.

Hell, he doesn't want anyone to know the truth. That would cost him, big time.

2:36 AM  
Blogger Justin Thyme said...

Also depends on the definition of "truth" (as discussed in your Rawstory piece "Heart of Darkness... absolutely brilliant and extremely frightening at the same time)

6:28 AM  

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