Sunday, August 14, 2005

Digby on the "Sheehan, pawn of the left" meme

Digby deflates both the Rebuplican canard and the power it pretends the left has:
...I'm pretty sure that Cindy Sheehan hasn't been guided or exploited by anyone in her quest. "The left," if you're talking about organizations, can't get it up to do anything that effective. Believe me, the Democrats would have peed their pants at the idea of sending a woman to Crawford to demand to see the president. It's so awfully unseemly you know. Someone might get upset. Besides it isn't manly and we want ever so much to be super-duper manly.

In fact, last year at this time, if you'll recall, Max Cleland went down to Crawford and wheeled his chair right up to the gate. The Democrats got all nervous that it was too ... undignified. Max was getting a little bit shrill, you see, and looked like he might be getting ready to force the secret service to push him off the property in his wheelchair. How indelicate.

No, this was a grassroots move started by one individual who felt strongly enough to put herself on the line. No leftwing group could have ever orchestrated anything this successful.

To the right, inflating left wing power is like the inflation of Soviet military strength that kept defense constractors in clover for 40 years. To us, it is a form of painful and counterproductive nostalgia.

But what the hell difference does it make if Sheehan is coached? The guilt-by-association tactics of the wingnuts here remind me of the huge amount of energy being spent by the Republicans to argue that Joe Wilson was sent to Niger by his wife.


Joe Wilson saw what he saw and said what he said. The White House backed off the "sixteen words" regardless. Cindy Sheehan is exposing the cowardice of the codpiece-in-chief, and is not diminshed by these attacks, but is elevated by them.


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