Friday, August 12, 2005

Civilization and its Malkintents

from Outside The Tent:
Michelle Malkin has proven once again that there is no bar so low that she can’t slither under it with yet more loathsome and despicable behavior. Fresh from telling Cindy Sheehan that her dead son would be ashamed of her, Michelle manages to get an underpaid legal secretary, who sent Michelle a nasty email about the matter, fired. And then Michelle boasts about it, apparently believing that speaking ill of La Michelle warrants summary execution and, if not that, at least firing.

In response to Michelle’s despicable post where she channeled the deceased Casey Sheehan, a legal secretary at a Los Angeles law firm sent her a brief and vulgar e-mail (obscenities elided):

YOU STINK you nasty C***! Eat S*** and DIE b****!!

That’s the entire email. It’s not pretty. It’s not nice. It was a mistake. And I clearly don’t approve of sending such an email to anyone. Even Rush Limbaugh or Jonah Goldberg.

But instead of leaving it there, Michelle posted the email with the name of the sender and his e-mail address. The address showed that the sender worked at a Los Angeles law firm. Less than two hours later, the managing partner of that firm sends Michelle an email saying that the employee had been fired. And, of course, Michelle thanks him. Yes, she thanks him for firing somebody who had the effrontery to call her bad names.
Sending an email like that from your work email address is pretty damned stupid. And this guy's employer was well within their rights to can him for it. But jeeze louise, Michelle ... against all reason, you are a public figure. Taking vengence on inarticulate trolls by posting their email addresses is petty, tacky and the kind of thing that makes everybody see you like this:

I've made it a point not to make fun of your appearance, or anyone else's. The kind of ugly that offends me is what comes from deep inside. And down deep, anybody who tries to swift boat Cindy Sheehan and pulls shit like this when taking heat for it is appallingly ugly.


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