Monday, August 15, 2005

Bush Neighbor Suffers Protest Fatigue

The American commitment to free speech and sacrifice during time of war, circa 2005: OK by me until it means something as horrible as port-a-potties on the side of my road:

Protesters outside President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch were starting their second week of demonstrations Sunday, leading one neighbor to demonstrate the first signs of protest fatigue.

Larry Mattlage created quite a stir earlier in the day when he fired his shotgun over his property. The Crawford rancher told reporters he was practicing for dove season.
Mattlage expressed frustration about the ongoing anti-war protest taking place near his property, and said other neighbors are also getting aggravated by all of the protest activity on their quiet country road.
The increased traffic in Crawford did not affect Bush, first lady Laura Bush or Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as they traveled Saturday night from the ranch to the Baylor University campus in nearby Waco, where the three attended the Little League Southwest Regional championship game.

But Mattlage said he is frustrated by the traffic — and subsequent side effects of it — in his neighborhood.

"We got a battle of the port-a-potties. They first started going to the bathroom in a five-gallon bucket, then they moved a port-a-pottie and then they got two port-a-potties, and now we got three and if this keeps up they will be all the way down the road," he said. "The only people winning here is the person who cleans the port-a-potties."

Of course, the problem could be solved in as little as an hour if Commander Codpiece could find his way to stop getting on with his life and meet with Ms. Sheehan.

And Mr. Mattlage? If this is the worst tragedy that the war visits upon you and your loved ones, you should be counting your blessings, you self-centered fuck.


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