Monday, July 11, 2005

You mean reporters can ask real questions?

Both Raw Story and AMERICAblog have transcripts of today's session in the White House press room. And today, at long last, the dead wood came alive. They savaged McClellan. Watch the video @ Crooks & Liars -- this is a big day. The Rubicon may finally have been crossed.


Blogger Dr. Bloor said...

By choice or by force, it looks as though Lil' Scottie may be the next one out the door behind Rovenstein. The credibility of the WH press secretary is inevitably dependent on the willingess of the gaggle and the American people to suspend disbelief, and they just won't be able to do that any more with McC. It also looked like some of the gaggle was taking this personally, a vivid demonstration of their razor sharp ability to think critically.

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