Thursday, July 14, 2005

What will the lapdog do now?

Bush admin may be responsible for botching effort to thwart London bombing

The story is a little complex to be summarized in a sentence or two. But ther relevant old news is, in essence, (1) because of the many boy-who-cried-wolf embarassments with prior terror alerts, when George Tenet pulled the alarm just before the Democratic convention last summer, (2) the Administration leaked information to bolster its claim that burned our one and only Al Queda mole, (3) forcing British anti-terror officials to prematurely chase down the mole's contacts.

(4) The pissed-off Brits hoped they had broken up a domestic terror plot to... wait for it .. blow up London subway trains. (5) Today, it was revealed that the bombers last week were probably part of the same plot.

In other words, the Bush administration's political machinations burned an undercover operative, (sound familiar?) which lead to 50-plus deaths in London.

It might not get much play here, but I'll wager the UK press will do to Blair what the White House press corps is now doing to McClellan. Unless the lapdog takes a bite out his master's ass soon, his real owners are going to put him down.


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