Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rude Punditry on Rove

The reason Rove must be destroyed - which means he needs to be sent up for something more than perjury because simply that would allow him to be a paid consultant for the rest of his life - is that a destroyed Rove would be a maelstrom in the White House. If you remove the center from a system, a system must collapse. And so would end the Bush presidency, for Bush without Rove is like a dalmatian without an owner - so stupid from overbreeding that if it ain't got someone to tell it what to do, it'll just sit in a corner and shit itself endlessly, licking its own anus out of fear and itch.


Blogger peacemom said...

I wonder if the Rove story isn't distracting from an even more serious scandal. Seems Sy Hersh will be outing Bush in the next New Yorker mag for rigging that gloriously 'democratic' election in Iraq. Hmmm is that what our kids and all those Iraqis are dying for? Damn.

Blogger had it this one is making much of a fuss yet...But you can read about it

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blue Meme,
I think you are a little hard on Dalmatians. They can be perfectly intelligent dogs with or without an owner.


10:01 PM  

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