Sunday, July 24, 2005

Our Mister Brooks

David Brooks thinks the denizens of Bobo's World are wonderful to write about, just keep that ill-mannered rabble off his flight:

It's summertime, which means many people these days are flying with children, an experience that can be enriching and exciting, and is followed by memories that linger even after the shell shock, nightmares and trauma-induced facial tics have faded away.

Parents in these early stages of a flight usually devote their fevered energies to entertaining their children. Many parents begin by reading board books in that super-attenuated nursery school tone of voice, and then, sadly, singing to their children every song they know, beginning with age-appropriate lullabies and ending up with a medley of hits from the Spice Girls.

Anybody who thinks it takes a village to raise a child has never sat near a crying baby in first class. In these circumstances, if it were up to the village, somebody would be stapling the brat's mouth shut and somebody else would be locking mom in the overhead storage compartment.
The children are now completely out of control and are behaving as if they were raised by feral wolves. They will be pummeling the seat in front of them with their feet or else playing other manic airplane games, such as Tray Table Trampoline. Amid the frenzy, parents will observe that one child has turned green, which means that every passenger along the aisle between them and the restroom will be an unwitting participant in a contest called Air Sickness Roulette.

OK, it's July, the Times crossword puzzle is fluff, the Book Review is sizing up the latest from Danielle Steele and some of the regulars routinely suspend disbelief to pretend that their summer vacations are of more relevance than, say, continued bloody chaos in in Iraq. But eighteen column inches by the resident neocon crank devoted to meanspirited bitching about how crying kids ruin his day? Please.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AAAH, good ol Repugnantclan family values in action. Maybe he would prefer the mother had chosen a to exercise her right to an abortion?

4:15 PM  

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