Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oedipus Lex: that's why he nominated Roberts

Daily Kos: Bush won't release Robert's papers from Iran-Contra Pardon days!
The White House refuses to release documents relating to SCOTUS nominee Roberts as Deputy Solicitor General under Ken Starr. This was when Roberts might have advised on the reprehensible GWH Bush pardons of the Iran Contra Gang.

So the backstory is that if the Roberts work papers were turned over, they would most likely prove very embarassing to Poppy. Dubya won't do it, but can you imagine what the conversations between George I and George II would be like about now? II lets his father twist in the wind for a while before saving his butt in the end.

And so the Constitution, like the people of Iraq before it, becomes a mere pawn in Shrub's personal Oedipal struggle writ large.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any way that DiFi can be convinced to run against Arnie next year for governor of CA and allow a more liberal Democrat to run for her open senate seat?

I heard that being governor of CA was her life-long goal and she was planning to run in the recall election but Arnie waited until the very last moment to announce his candidacy and she didn't have time to file.

5:25 AM  

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