Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Yellow Elephant fun

Democratic Veteran :: Chickenhawk Squawking Whining

Nevada's chapter of the Young Republicans has basically imploded, leaving its chairman with up to $25,000 in personal debt and allegations that he mishandled money.
All but three people have resigned from the statewide group, but the fallout could prove increasingly embarrassing to the entire state Republican Party.
Today, the chairman of the group, Reno resident Nathan Taylor, plans to hold a press conference attacking three of the state's party leaders -- Sen. John Ensign, Rep. Jim Gibbons and Rep. Jon Porter.
Taylor argues that the state's Republican delegation should have helped him fund the national Young Republican convention held last week at Mandalay Bay.
"I've got bills at the hotel I can't pay," said Taylor, a 29-year-old political science senior at UNR who said he had to quit his food service job and drop classes to plan the convention.
Taylor estimates that the convention, attended by about 600 people from around the nation, is at least $10,000 -- and up to $25,000 -- in the red.
As the chairman, he said he'll personally have to cough up the cash.
"It's a really sad day when my congressmen and my senator, who are sitting on millions, can't cut me a check for $25,000," Taylor said. "I don't think I'm asking for much."

Doesn't he sound just like one those welfare queens Republicans always whine about? Sniveling for a government handout like that. Who does he think he is, Haliburton?

Well, Mr. Taylor, perhaps an enlistment bonus would be enough to satisfy your creditors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, an enlistment bonus should clear things up nicely. I think Democrates and Liberals across America on college campuses should start a campaign DEMANDING that young repugs and war supporters quit school and join up. Come on all you big tough red ststers, put yer butts where yer mouths are. YOU FUCKIN COWARDS!

8:56 AM  

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