Sunday, July 31, 2005

Leaked emails claim Guantanamo trials rigged

Leaked emails claim Guantanamo trials rigged. 01/08/2005. ABC News Online
Leaked emails from two former prosecutors claim the military commissions set up to try detainees at Guantanamo Bay are rigged, fraudulent, and thin on evidence against the accused.

Two emails, which have been obtained by the ABC, were sent to supervisors in the Office of Military Commissions in March of last year - three months before Australian detainee David Hicks was charged and five months before his trial began.

The first email is from prosecutor Major Robert Preston to his supervisor.
"I consider the insistence on pressing ahead with cases that would be marginal even if properly prepared to be a severe threat to the reputation of the military justice system and even a fraud on the American people," Maj Preston wrote.
The second email is written by another prosecutor, Captain John Carr, who also ended up leaving the department.
"When I volunteered to assist with this process and was assigned to this office, I expected there would at least be a minimal effort to establish a fair process and diligently prepare cases against significant accused," he wrote.

"Instead, I find a half-hearted and disorganised effort by a skeleton group of relatively inexperienced attorneys to prosecute fairly low-level accused in a process that appears to be rigged."

If the media run with this, it should give the Bush folks a chance to do some serious kick-down gymnastics. Blaming Lynndie Englund for this one will take some doing.


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