Wednesday, July 20, 2005

LATEOTT nominee #2

It was beginning to seem that Maj. Gen. William Webster was going to run unopposed for the monthly General William Westmoreland Light at the End of the Tunnel award for the most egregiously self-deluded pronouncement about the "progress" we are making in the Quagmire Formerly Known as Iraq.

But I would have been shocked if a month had gone by without a submission from Dr. Pangloss Strangelove, aka Donald Rumsfeld. And although it is not one of his better efforts, Rumsfeld offered this submission at a press conference spinning the forthcoming report to Congress about "progress" in The Quagmire.

"On the political front, terrorists have failed to derail the political process," he said. "A constitutional referendum remains on schedule for October 15th. And elections for a new assembly are scheduled for December 15th of this year."

He said ordinary Iraqis are growing more confident in their future, and there is progress on the economic and security fronts.

The committee will continue to accept nominations through the end of the month.


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