Friday, July 08, 2005

Interesting take on the SCOTUS nomination

from Lance Mannion:
If I were in George Bush's position right now I would not be planning to appoint Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court.

This isn't a good time to have Gonzales on national television answering questions about torture again.

It's also not a good time for Bush to have to nominate another Attorney General who, in addition to having to answer questions about torture, would have to answer them about Karl Rove and Valerie Plame and the Downing Street Memos and whether or not the President broke the law in lying the country into a war.

Trickier and perhaps more dangerous for Republicans, if not for Bush himself, Gonzales would also have to answer questions about abortion. The word is that his honest answers on the subject would not endear him to the Right Wing Christians who expect to have vetting power over all Bush's important judicial nominees.

If there is one thing Karl Rove wants to keep off the front page right about now, it is Karl Rove. The fact that not a single White House press corps denizen has asked a single question about the Rove/Plame thing is not, I would guess, an accident. So I'm guessing that ol' Turd Blossom is arguing for somebody else about now. If I had to hazard a prediction, I'd go with Janice Rodgers Brown, who (a) just got confirmed to the DC Court of Appeals, making it very difficult for Democrats to argue "extraordinary circumstances," (b) is a woman and (c) is black. That creates exactly the kind of self-imposed dilemma for Democrats Rove loves to use to box in his opponents.


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Ur website is dumb and dull! Just like a liberal. Bush is the best President we've ever had.

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