Friday, July 08, 2005

Greens flag up concerns over Ford G8 sponsorship

MULTINATIONAL corporations, including one of the world's biggest car-makers, have provided more than £500,000 worth of "sponsorship" for the G8 summit in Gleneagles, The Scotsman can reveal.

The revelation that Ford is providing more than 100 vehicles led green campaigners to dismiss the Gleneagles talks on climate change as "compromised".

Ford, named by Greenpeace as one of the world's worst polluters, is one of the "official partners" of the summit. Ford is lending a fleet of vehicles for the conference, to be used by heads of state and the hundreds of delegates that accompany them. In return, the company's logo is prominently featured in summit documents.
Robin Harper, of the Scottish Green Party, said that the relationship between Ford and the Gleneagles meeting "compromised" the climate change talks: "The very idea that any big business should be able to advertise themselves as part of the G8 summit is abhorrent."
Ford is not the only "official partner" of the summit. Sun Microsystems, a United States computer giant, is providing IT systems for the meeting. Sun's services are also valued at £250,000.

Diageo, the maker of drinks such as Guinness and Smirnoff vodka, is also an "official supporter" of the summit. As well as providing free bottles of Johnnie Walker whisky for delegates, the firm has given £25,000 in cash towards the Foreign Office's budget for the summit.

Once upon a time, it was necessary for seekers of influence to provide politicos with an illicit cash gift that was commonly referred to as a "bribe." Eventually, a more civilized system emerged, "lobbying," in which cash and other gifts were still swapped for political influence, but everyone dressed very nicely and promised that no quid pro quo was in effect, so it was OK. And now, for the 21st century? Open Sponsorship! Makes you wonder why Dick Cheney fought so hard to keep anyone from finding out who's in charge of US energy policy.

Given his ineptitude sans training wheels, maybe Junior can sell space on his forehead to Johnson & Johnson while he's over there.


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My guess is that Dubya's skull is not very valuable real estate. Would you want your valuable brand assicated with such an empty and defective vessel?

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