Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday News Dump/Duck the God Squad Edition

Governor Bush gives up pursuit of Schiavo case

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has dropped his pursuit of an investigation into the 1990 collapse of Terry Schiavo after a prosecutor said there was no indication of foul play that led to her irrevocable brain damage.

Bush, who worked hard to keep Schiavo on a feeding tube before her March 31 death, had ordered the probe after an autopsy confirmed she had been in the persistent vegetative state.

Gov. Bush, brother of President Bush and a devout Catholic convert, said there were indications of a 40- to 70-minute gap between the time Michael Schiavo discovered his wife after she collapsed 15 years ago and the time he called for medical assistance.

But Pinellas County State Attorney Bernie McCabe, who conducted the probe, wrote Bush on June 30 that there were explanations "far more likely and logical than any involving criminal wrongdoing" surrounding Schiavo's collapse.

In a reply to McCabe dated July 7, Bush said he would stop the investigation. "Based on your conclusions, I will follow your recommendation that the inquiry by the state be closed," Bush wrote. The letter was distributed on Friday.
Apparently, Jebbie is hoping that his right-wing controllers constituents don't read the weekend papers. If it works, we're likely to see the Boy King nominate Alberto Gonzales for the SCOTUS at about 4:45 on a Friday afternoon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they can read?

4:01 PM  
Blogger Grandpa Eddie said...

Hey, I didn't think they could read, either.
The Jebster announced this investigation on national TV.
Lets see if he announces the closing of same on same.

8:49 PM  

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