Sunday, July 10, 2005

Experts fear 'endless' terror war - Terrorism & Security -

New York and Washington. Bali, Riyadh, Istanbul, Madrid. And now London.

When will it end? Where will it all lead?

The experts aren’t encouraged. One prominent terrorism researcher sees the prospect of “endless” war. Adds the man who tracked Osama bin Laden for the CIA, “I don’t think it’s even started yet.”

An Associated Press survey of longtime students of international terrorism finds them ever more convinced, in the aftermath of London’s bloody Thursday, that the world has entered a long siege in a new kind of war. They believe that al-Qaida is mutating into a global insurgency, a possible prototype for other 21st-century movements, technologically astute, almost leaderless. And the way out is far from clear.

Endless war, eh? Sounds strangely familiar....

If, as is often said, expertise is defined as "the ability to win money in a series of bets on future occurrences in that area," there ought to be a term for folks who nail it months before said experts.


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