Thursday, July 14, 2005

The curse of low Standards

I don't think I had ever wandered over to The Standard before today. I don't know if I will ever have the stomach to do so again. Take for instance, this screed: The Mother of All Connections. The authors actually try to make the case that the Al Queda -Saddam connection claims were correct after all. So here's the evidence they lead with:
There could hardly be a clearer case--of the ongoing revelations and the ongoing denial--than in the 13 points below, reproduced verbatim from a "Summary of Evidence" prepared by the U.S. government in November 2004. This unclassified document was released by the Pentagon in late March 2005. It details the case for designating an Iraqi member of al Qaeda, currently detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as an "enemy combatant."

1. From 1987 to 1989, the detainee served as an infantryman in the Iraqi Army and received training on the mortar and rocket propelled grenades.
2. A Taliban recruiter in Baghdad convinced the detainee to travel to Afghanistan to join the Taliban in 1994.
3. The detainee admitted he was a member of the Taliban.
4. The detainee pledged allegiance to the supreme leader of the Taliban to help them take over all of Afghanistan.
5. The Taliban issued the detainee a Kalishnikov rifle in November 2000.
6. The detainee worked in a Taliban ammo and arms storage arsenal in Mazar-Es-Sharif organizing weapons and ammunition.
7. The detainee willingly associated with al Qaida members.
8. The detainee was a member of al Qaida.
9. An assistant to Usama Bin Ladin paid the detainee on three separate occasions between 1995 and 1997.
10. The detainee stayed at the al Farouq camp in Darwanta, Afghanistan, where he received 1,000 Rupees to continue his travels.
11. From 1997 to 1998, the detainee acted as a trusted agent for Usama Bin Ladin, executing three separate reconnaissance missions for the al Qaeda leader in Oman, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
12. In August 1998, the detainee traveled to Pakistan with a member of Iraqi Intelligence for the purpose of blowing up the Pakistan, United States and British embassies with chemical mortars.
13. Detainee was arrested by Pakistani authorities in Khudzar, Pakistan, in July 2002.

Got that? Because a single Iraqi infantryman joined Al Quida FIVE YEARS after his military service, Saddam and Osama are butt buddies, and the invasion was justified.

Well, my wingnut friends, do you mean to say that if a single national of a country joins Al Quida, that country deserves to be invaded?

OK, then. I'd like to (1) introduce you to someone:

and (2) ask which half of the United States you think should invade the other half?.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The North should REinvade the south. After we've REkicked their redneck, cousin marryin, confederate (can you say TREASON) flage lovin asses we should say "from this day forward NO WHITE MALE born below the Mason/Dixie line shall vote in ANY election EVER. I mean think about it, is there a stupid, bone headed, racist, homophobic, mysoginistic, xenophobic idea or politition (other then santorum, he's an honorary southerner)in America that DOSEN'T come from down south?

8:52 AM  

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