Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Centrist Sandy

I suppose it's posturing for the press, and maybe an attempt by those on the side of the angels to coax Junior into making a quasirational SCOTUS nomination, but if I hear one more politician or pundit who should know better refer to Sandra Day O'Connor as a "centrist," "pragmatist" or some other nonsensical phrase, I'm going to start bleeding from my eyeballs. I've been mulling over her more memorable votes in my mind this past weekend, and I've come up with what I think are her three most important:
Bush v. Gore
Bush v. Gore
Bush v. Gore
And this is what her peculiar brand of pragmatism has brought us:

Offloaded coffins at Dover Air Force Base

Saved abortion, you say? Kept the lunatic fringe from turning us into a theocracy, you say? Big fucking deal. Her vote in Bush v. Gore put the appointments of at least two SCOTUS justices into the hands of an authoritarian, fascist idiot who will surely nominate judges eager to overturn all those causes and precedents she "saved."


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