Friday, June 03, 2005

Woman slightly injured in accidental shooting

No charges had been filed Wednesday in a shooting incident believed to have accidentally erupted during a midnight dispute.

Police and paramedics called to the 2500 block of West San Antonio Street just before midnight Tuesday arrived to find a 33-year-old woman suffering from a gunshot wound to the forearm.
Police detective Tarinna Skrzycki said the woman stepped between two men when one pulled a .380 automatic pistol — attempting to prevent him from shooting. At least four people were involved in the dispute, Skrzycki said.

“This was accidental,” Skrzycki said. “She was not the intended victim by any means.”

The weapon was recovered. The man who fired it was detained and questioned, but was later released.
Four people in a late night argument, a gun comes out, and a woman gets shot. No one charged, not even for disturbing the peace. Or loitering. Or littering the street with empty .380 shells. One can only hope, I suppose, that the shooter is a cop or the relative of a local luminary; I say "hope" because I'd like to think that there was some reason that no one even got a summons, however bad the reason may have been.


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