Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Update, Mary Does D.C.

Just before blowing out of the country on 5/20, Mr. Bluememe posted a juicy tidbit about Mary Carey's plans to attend a big multiday bash hosted by the NRCC. Ms. Carey was one of the thousands hundreds of people to run for governor of California at the time Gray Davis was being tarred, feathered and run outta town. She also happens to be a proud member of of the adult entertainment industry, and she is to be escorted to the gala by Mark Kulkis, a cinematic auteur whose filmography includes classics such as "A Load in Every Hole."

As reported over at Kos, the story seems to be getting some attention. I myself remain skeptical that anyone will pay a political price for this--IOKIYAR, right?--but it sure would be fun to see this story bite some holier-than-thou types right in the ass. Or wherever they were willing to pay for.


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