Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Psychiatrists condemn Cruise mental health remarks

The American Psychiatric Association on Monday sharply criticized actor Tom Cruise for televised remarks in which he called psychiatry a "pseudo science" and disputed the value of antidepressant drugs.
During interviews promoting his latest film, "War of the Worlds," Cruise has discussed his deep skepticism of psychiatry to explain his belief in the teachings of the Church of Scientology, founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

In one such interview last Friday on NBC's "Today" show, Cruise was asked about his recent criticism of actress Brooke Shields for revealing that she had taken the antidepressant Paxil to cope with postpartum depression.

"Before I was a Scientologist, I never agreed with psychiatry," Cruise said. "And when I started studying the history of psychiatry, I understood more and more why I didn't believe in psychology. ... And I know that psychiatry is a pseudo science."
The rebuke from the APA, which represents nearly 36,000 physicians specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, challenged Cruise's assertion that psychiatry lacks scientific merit.
I was really hoping that neither of the APAs would dignify his drivel with a response. But if you are going to respond, why wouldn't you point out that Cruise's version of the human condition posits interventions by extraterrestrials and whole range of similar plot twists worthy of a WB network script treatment?


Blogger bluememe said...

But Cruise is a celebrity. Everyone knows, just knows, deep down, that celebs are smarter and righter than the rest of us. Every flash of the paparazzi's camera transfers more brain cells to Mr. Cruise. If he says ETs started life on earth, who are we to argue? I mean, how many times have YOU been on the cover of People Magazine?

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