Monday, June 06, 2005

One last rant on Bolton

The all-mighty Conventional Wisdom has it that John Bolton will indeed be confirmed as ambassador to the UN this week, by what Sen. Patrick Leahy has predicted will be the "tiniest of margins." This, in spite of the fact that the White House continues to stonewall on requested information and the AP and the Washington Note both recently reported on more instances of inappropriate, unlawful actions by Bolton.

Indeed, these latest-breaking improprieties received scant attention in most of the coverage I've seen today. To the extent that the Corporate Media have created/bought into said Conventional Wisdom regarding Bolton's confirmation, the script has been written, and more news making it plain that Bolton is a flaming asshole is no news at all.

And in a sense, they're right. The Democratic senators will rail mightily against his appointment, and point out how the White House will again be getting its way in spite of telling the Senate--Dems and Repubs--to fuck off in response to their legitimate requests for more information about the nominee. Alas, they will be unable to muster enough votes to sustain a fillibuster. On the other side of the aisle, numerous "Moderate" "Republicans" will speak off the record about what a terrible nominee Bolton is and how unhappy they are to be in the position of having to toe the party line. They will then roll over for Bush like five dollar crack hos in the Senate Chamber when casting their votes. At this point, those supporting Bolton either can't or won't be swayed to change their votes by anything short of recent photos showing Bolton rimming a dog. And for some, the dog will have to be dead.

At the end of the week, the Infantile Boy King and his Incredible Swinging Dick will have won another victory over the traditions of transparency in government and the balance of powers between the branches of government.

And one other thing: the next time I hear a senator or someone else who should know better take solace in the notion that a tight confirmation vote somehow has meaning or sends a substantive message, I'm going to hunt the sumbitch down and blow chunks all over his shoes. It reminds me of the old joke about med school grads:

"What do you call the guy who graduates from medical school last in his class?"



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