Saturday, June 04, 2005

Oh My Lord (Vader)

The Rebellion Is Evil: Taking The Empire's Side

What's so evil about the Empire, anyway?

I will grant that building Death Stars and blowing up planets is not going to make any good-government types knock-kneed with pleasure. But the Empire is at war - is it such a stretch to go from a battleship that can bombard a world to a craft that can just blow it to smithereens? We note that the Empire does not use the Death Star willy-nilly - for example, by blowing up worlds systematically until a cowed populace turns in all Rebel sympathizers and destroys all Rebel ships they encounter. Instead, they use this massive weapon with discretion and specific targeting: eliminating the one world that is a hotbed of Rebel sentiment, and trying to use it to destroy the world where the Rebel base (and apparently no one else) is located.
A lengthy treatise on why the Ewoks got shafted when they dumped the Empire for the rebellion, and how the Empire is really misunderstood. Seriously.

At first, I was annoyed with myself for having wasted the few minutes of my life involved in reading it, and I continue to be amazed that someone would have spent all that time writing it. But it does serve as an elegant illustration of the thought processes that wingers use to argue their side--logical fallacies galore, selective use of evidence, enormous leaps of faith to conclusions that have no grounding--they're all there. You can substitute just about any issue of the day into the basic framework here (Iraq, stem cell research, etc.) and it would sound a lot like a typical Faux News analysis.


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