Thursday, June 30, 2005

Military recruiters want ...Jenna

If Uncle Sam wants you, he has to be able to find you - Yahoo! News/USA Today

Last fall, Charles Moskos of Northwestern University, a prominent expert on military manpower, asked a group of recruiters what would most help them: tripling bonuses or enlisting presidential daughter Jenna Bush.

The recruiters' choice was unanimous: Jenna Bush.

I'd even settle for getting them into the Reserves, though not in a "Champagne Unit" like dear old Dad wound up in.

Mainstream acknowledgement of the rank (pun intended) hypocrisy of the administration and war hawks in general is rare. Kudos to USA Today for running it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why just Jenna? there are TWO of the first party girls aren't there? how bout a unit made up of the kids of repugnantclan legislators? you know, make a sacrifice for monkey boys war...yer kid.

4:34 AM  

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