Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Is it in the Michelin guide yet?

NPR has been broadcasting a piece this afternoon/evening on the administration's defense of Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay. Basically, the emerging strategy is to depict the camp as Playa del Gitmo and argue that the detainees have never had it so good.

Rummy went to great lengths to point out that a never ending stream of journalists and congressional reps have been allowed to tour the detention center (unfettered access to all, I'm sure), emphasized that the International Red Cross has been given access to the camp and detainees (conveniently leaving out the part about the ICRC being thoroughly unhappy with what they found), and pointing out that the cost per meal for the detainees is higher than the cost per ration for American soldiers (a statement that will undoubtedly boost our troops' morale into the stratosphere). Another congressional lackey--I forget which--also had a press conference today with sample detainee meals on display for the media.

See the play here? They'll match their three hots and a cot, prayers on the clock, and medical care any day of the week and twice on Sunday against claims of abuse they "investigate" and then "find" to be isolated. And if we focus on good nutrition versus urine-soaked Korans hard enough, then maybe we'll completely lose track of the fact that indefinite detention is arguably torture by itself, and that most of their detainees pose little or no threat to national security.


Blogger bluememe said...

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Gitmo debate is that it is really about principles for both sides. We are troubled by the mistreatment, but even if it was a cushy place to hang, we would be pissed off abou the due process issues. The pro-Empire folks are our mirror image: they feel some impulse to try to explain away the worst abuses, but behind closed doors they would admit that even if Gitmo was being run by Dr. Mengele, the principle that the War on Terrah invests absolute, unchallengable power in the Executive would end all discussion of any and all horrors done in his name.

I just wish we could force them to voice that principle... and that there were three or four Senators left who had the stones to challenge it.

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