Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm getting dizzy, verrrrry dizzy

It seems the right wing has decided to control the potential damage of bringing Watergate back into the national consciousness by spinning the journalistic coup of the late twentieth century into a tale of a frustrated bureaucrat with dark motives.

Yesterday, I linked to a comment by John Podhoretz over at the Corner in which he intimated that Woodward and Bernstein were either dupes or willing participants in a "weird, anti-Nixon FBI subplot." This morning, the ever-reliable and wholly incredible Howie Kurtz also focuses in on Felt's motives and journalist misbehavior, including input by the moral and analytic midgets at Powerline and Right Wing Nut House:

In the climate of 2005, the actions of 1972 would seem very different. It's easy now, more than three decades later, to lionize Throat as a brave government official. But that, as the Newsweek fiasco and the Valerie Plame case have reminded us, is not the prevailing attitude toward officials who leak.
Yes, Howie, Mark Felt's actions and motivations are indistinguishable from those of the person(s) who maliciously outed a CIA agent who didn't have anything to do with anything. And Woodward/Bernstein's investigative efforts--that used Deep Throat as a starting point, not the sole/ultimate source--are just the same as Novakula's, who knew exactly what he was doing when he typed Valerie Plame's name into his computer.

And was citing Powerline supposed to provide journalistic balance to the input from Right Wing Nut House, or was it the other way around today?

Eejitous, baby.


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