Saturday, June 25, 2005

Deep in the Heart of Darkness

They don't seem to be ingesting massive quantities of hallucinogens or other mind-bending substances, but the memory of Hunter Thompson is kept alive by the guys covering the Young Republicans convention for this week:
But really, what disturbs me the most is the utter disrespect and scathing cold-heartedness these students display for anything to the left of Tom DeLay. During the Leadership Institue session a presenter asked the crowd, "What makes you angry?" The answers:

1. Liberals
2. Hippies
3. Gays
4. Democrats

Eek. Now, if these answers had been "tax hikes" and "abortion", I'd understand because those are policies, but instead, these are people. The students' anger and passion are driven towards negative stereotypes and blatant hatred for various groups of people. And they're enthusiastically encouraged by their leaders.

CRNC are some highlights from Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen's speech. (He is the head of BOND: Brotherhood Organization of New Destiny, and he is basically Jesse Jackson's sworn enemy.)

- "I am an American, not an African-American."
- The Civil Rights movement destroyed black people's sense of self-respect and their compass for what's right.
- The Civil Rights Movement took the men out of their homes and prevented black people from thinking for themselves.
- It is not racism but lack of moral character that causes problems for black people.
- The black leadership succeeds by keeping black folks angry.
- Now Muslim folks are moving in and trying to take over.
- "I don't care what people say, but (Muslim people) don't like us!"
- America has already given black people all it has to give.
- On reparations, he emphasizes the fact that all the slaves are dead.
- On those who want reparations, he says, "Instead of reparations, how 'bout a free ticket back to Africa?" (Raucous laughter.)
- "The Democratic battle is ordained by the devil."
- "It's not white vs. black, it's good vs. evil."
- "White folks need to get over their fear of being called a racist."

Yeoman's work, I'd say. They deserve our thanks, and, possibly, our leftover hallucinogens.


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