Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cheney slams Howard Dean as 'over the top'

Vice President Dick Cheney slammed Democratic Party boss Howard Dean as "over the top" in a television interview to air on Monday, saying Dean had helped Republicans more than Democrats.

"I think Howard Dean's over the top. I've never been able to understand his appeal. Maybe his mother loved him, but I've never met anybody who does," Cheney told Fox News Channel.

"So far, I think he's probably helped us more than he has them. That's not the kind of individual you want to have representing your political party," Cheney said.

Shrinks know that anxiety manifests itself in many forms, some of which do not look much like anxiety at all on the surface. Having your Vice President and chief hatchet man get all ad hominem on the chief fundraiser and cheerleader of the opposition party--in an off-election year, just six months after claiming some big fat "mandate?" The doctor sez "anxiety."

Too bad they played out that "orange alert" scam during the first term. Bet they wish they had old Tom Ridge to yell "lookie over there!" about now.


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