Saturday, June 04, 2005

Amnesty International Director Brings House Down

From Dr. William Schultz's commencement address at Oberlin College on May 30, via jkennerl's diary entry at Kos:

One of the values of this institution that is under threat today is the conviction that truth takes a myriad of forms, that love takes many guises, that revelation is not sealed and that there is no necessary correlation between wisdom and power. Osama bin Laden doesn't believe that. Donald Rumsfeld doesn't believe that. Fidel Castro doesn't believe that. Pope Benedict doesn't believe that. Bill O'Reilly doesn't believe that. And Howard Stern doesn't believe that. But it is true.
The whole thing rocks--go read it. Michelle Malkin (Obie, '92) probably won't be contributing to the Annual Fund this year.


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