Sunday, May 29, 2005

Stripper at boy's party was hired by mother

A mother who hired a stripper to perform at her son’s 16th birthday party is facing a jail sentence for involving a minor in an obscene act.
Ten of the guests were under 18. Police said that the stripper, Cassandra Joyce Park, 29, crossed the line when she accepted a $150 whipround to remove all her clothes.

“In some of the pictures, she is sitting in their lap or her breasts are in some of the children’s faces,” Detective Matt Chance, of Nashville’s Sex Crimes Unit, said.

A grand jury studied about 100 photographs from the party and indicted Mrs Pharris and her husband, also named Landon, on charges including contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The stripper, her escort and her manager were also charged.

Mrs Pharris said that she had obtained permission from all the children’s parents for them to be there and that police overreacted. “Who are they to tell me what I can and can’t show to my own children?” she said.
Something to annoy everyone here, eh? The bible thumpers will of course be shocked at the enduring legacy of Bill Clinton, the libertarians will be pissed about the invalidity of the permission slips and the invasion of privacy, feminists will be upset about adolescent boys being encouraged to objectify women, and any of the kid's classmates who weren't invited to the party will be pissed about being cut out of the action.

Me, I'm just glad the grand jury took its job so seriously. I'm sure every one of those hundred photos included a unique piece of evidence crucial to arriving at the proper decision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

none of you know what you are talking about ..
none of you where there to see what she did or did not do ..
IF her so called body gaurd did his job I dont think that she would have even done it ...

7:08 PM  

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