Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just in case you were on the fence about Okrent

This NY Magazine item, via the most excellent First Draft:

“Krugman’s been writing to me two, three times a day demanding a retraction or apology, and I’m not going to give him either.”
It's a short bit about how Okrent didn't mean to piss off his colleagues on the way out the door, or maybe he did. The Daily Howler lays into Danny Boy at length in his characteristically understated manner here, but I thought the quote above elegantly captured the infantile, two-year-old-on-a-power-jag approach that he brought to the job.

Mrs. Dr. Bloor and I have more or less decided to bag the Times, where the mucky-mucks seem to have come to the conclusion that advertising revenues aren't contingent upon aggressive, independent reporting, so why bother? The anorexic New England edition was scarcely worth subscribing to beyond Krugman and Herbert anyways, and there are always spare copies strewn about the coffee houses on college hill that we can peruse for free.

Better we should lay out the dollars on a newspaper that hasn't forgotten the role of a free and independent press in a functioning democracy. Like, maybe, the Minneapolis Star Tribune or the Toledo Blade.


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