Thursday, May 26, 2005

CNN: The most trusted name in news

Via Democratic Underground, the News Hounds' transcript of an interview last week with CNN co-founder Reese Schonfeld:

Abu Ghraib is the greatest foul up of all time. Those pictures were on the internet. The problem is not that we were - we - I only wish the Pentagon could have been able to deny that story, to be able to li - that's the right of the Pentagon to lie, when it is in the country's best interest to lie, you do lie. And when I made that statement in my book, an undersecretary - well - at Defense told me I don't have it quite right, the - uh - Rumsfeld, the Secretary can never lie but any, anybody under him can, that you have to do it when it's in the public, in the government interest.

Even if the [Koran flushing] story was 100% right [Newsweek] would still have to retract 17 deaths 'cause it shouldn't have been published. It was in nobody's interest. It wasn't in American interest. It wasn't in the interests of anyone and I can't understand still sitting here. This whole idea - the public has a right to know - the public does not have a right to know. The editor has a right to publish - that's what the First Amendment is about. The guy who owns the paper, the editor, says what goes in and what doesn't and he doesn't have to tell everything he knows and, God forbid, that he ever should.
As terrifying as it is disgusting. Remind me never to accuse Mr. Bluememe of sporting Reynolds Wrap hats in the future...


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