Saturday, April 08, 2006

Another reason it's very, very difficult to bother

Bill targeting Cape Wind project fuels anger

A congressional committee has appended language to a Coast Guard financing bill that singles out the Cape Wind energy project off Cape Cod for extra scrutiny, despite the objections of renewable-energy supporters and high-ranking legislators.Such legal challenges could be lengthy, he said, taking from months to years to resolve.

The amendment, which addresses any wind-energy project in Nantucket Sound, gives the governor "of an adjacent coastal state" the authority to reject the project for any reason.

Cape Wind Associates is the only company that has proposed building a wind farm in Nantucket Sound; Massachusetts is the only state adjacent to Nantucket Sound; and the governor of Massachusetts opposes the Cape Wind project.


The two top members of the Senate Energy Committee urged the House-Senate conference committee not to include the wind-energy provisions because the permitting process was addressed in the energy bill passed by Congress in August.

"I think it would be a very bad idea to give states veto authority over the siting of renewable-energy projects on federal land in a bid to stop a particular project," said Sen. Pete V. Domenici, R-N.M., chairman of the energy committee. "In the energy bill, we gave states a strong voice and a key role in siting renewable projects."

Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., ranking minority member of the committee, said that a regulatory review of Cape Wind is under way. "To invent a new regulatory process designed simply to deliver a negative result would chill future investment in renewable energy," he said.

Unclear is exactly which member of the conference committee introduced the wind-energy language, since no one is taking responsibility.

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, "was heavily involved in the compromise language," said Melanie Alvord, a spokeswoman for Stevens. But to characterize it as a "Stevens amendment" would be inaccurate, she said.

"The compromise was partly based on conversations he had with Senator Kennedy, who approached him on the issue," she said.

"Senator Kennedy supports the provision because it provides an important remedy to a deeply flawed process that has, so far, exempted this project from a national policy on offshore wind development," said Melissa Wagoner, a spokeswoman for Kennedy.

No, Senator Kennedy actually opposes the project because he's worried that the wind farm might ruin the view from the compound during his family's touch football games (it won't). Let's review: we have Schumer pimping a pro-Alito, anti-choice "Democrat" in PA, we have Lieberman playing footsie with the Republicans in CT and the DSCC sitting on their thumbs in response, and now we have the Senator Teds in bed together to ensure America's future addiction to fossil fuels.

But fear not: at least Bobby Jr. is protecting the family brand name.

Too bad he can't tear himself away from the kewl kids at VF long enough to take care of business at home.


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