Saturday, February 04, 2006

My two cents (re-post)

I should probably just mention that I’m not experiencing as much of the frustration that John is, largely because I don’t really have any expectations for our blog. As my sporadic and usually content-free postings suggest, I tend to view it as a place for casual observations and comments as well as commentary. For me, it’s more of a toy than an opinion-shaping tool. And, while I like seeing comments and giggle at the silly spikes on the sitemeter graph when a post gets picked up by Buzzwatch or some such, I think it’s pretty neat that even a couple hundred people drop by on a daily basis just to check in. It suggests that we (mostly John) are doing something right, although it may just prove the point that some people will read anything to avoid getting down to doing whatever it is they’re supposed to be doing.

I also have never viewed this as a Dem-centric project, mostly because I haven’t been all that thrilled with the party for many, many years. Although he is clearly the smartest man to ascend to the presidency in my lifetime and I’d take him back in a heartbeat, Bill Clinton drove me crazy on an almost-daily basis during his two terms in office. I’ve had the pleasure of voting for some wonderful Dem senators and governors (Cuomo, Moynihan, Reed), but am just as likely to go third party or, occasionally, cross over. For all the gray matter that I’ve left smeared on the wall due to the actions of the current crop of DLC automatons, I’ve never viewed that as a sign of the ineffectuality of this or any other blog. They just can’t help themselves.

So what do I think is the function of this thing? A data point of sorts, a voice in the crowd. As it happens, I’ve been reading bios of the founding fathers recently. Any good one will make it plain, either implicitly or explicitly, that the top tier guys deserve the credit but many, many others were involved. Cranky local pamphleteers, guys swapping ideas at the pub or the printer’s shop. Anonymous, but essential to the thing as a whole. That’s us.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Bluememe will be back shortly, even if in some a modified/titrated form or forum. I have known him for something like twenty-five years now, and I can tell you that the idea of Mr. B. keeping his opinions to himself is like…well, I don’t know. Hasn’t happened yet.


Anonymous JRW said...

It's okay, Blue.

What you are going through is quite normal. You'll be okay. Don't hate yourself for the onset of blog depression. It's only natural.


8:58 PM  
Anonymous JRW said...

You know, that link did not work out very well. Too long. I will put it as the link to my name.

9:00 PM  
Blogger bluememe said...

I read the link, JRW. Now THAT makes me feel much better. My ennui is a syndrome shared by gajillions of other narcissists.

Seems I can't even have my own unique hissy fit.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Ken in MS said...

I think you just had yours. How many point out the "un-uniqueness" of their own unique hissy fit???

At any rate, I visit every day, have linked a few times, and often laugh out loud. I guess I should comment more often. There's always a place for good sarcasm and lampooning. Keep up the good work.

8:25 AM  

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