Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Political opposites aligned against Bush wiretaps

Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, says he knows some fellow conservatives have labeled him a traitor for condemning the same administration that instituted the biggest tax cuts in recent American history -- cuts for which Norquist vigorously lobbied. But an even greater disloyalty, Norquist responds, would be to allow what he regards as the trampling on civil liberties to go unimpeded.

"The president's friends are exactly who you want telling him this," said Norquist. "No one else has the credibility. We are being team players by telling him, not by keeping quiet."

Norquist said one of his main concerns is that, once the government becomes so intrusive, there is no way to prevent continued erosion of individual rights.

"Even if you believed an angel was making these decisions, and that's not what I'm saying, at some point the person in the White House will change," he said. "Hillary Clinton might be making these decisions."


Norquist said, ironically, he was particularly concerned about the problem because the Democrats appeared to be so weak.

"For 40 years we always assumed the left would take care of our civil liberties," he said. "If there were problems, the Democrats were the ones who would push back. But now with a Republican Congress and a Republican in the White House, the ACLU can't get their calls returned."

It says a lot about the Republican party that a top-shelf elephant turd like Norquist essentially admits that they can't be counted on to defend civil liberties. And I doubt very much the man who promotes bipartisanship with gems like this made the comments above with any conscious sense of irony. Sadly, in a free society where our civil liberties are secure, he will be able to go on making comments equating Democrats to neutered farm animals.

And as deadset as I am about seeing Hillary run in '08, knowing that she's Grover's worst nightmare just might get her my vote.


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