Sunday, February 05, 2006

Battered pundit syndrome

Oh, I know, it hardly seems worth the effort to keep whaling away at Lil' Tommy Tintin Friedman, but Sadly, No does a nice, concise job of dismantling his latest spew.


So here's my bottom line: I'm glad the president is changing his rhetoric on energy and says he is changing his fundamental priorities. It makes for a great headline. But he has to go much further if he wants to make a great difference. There's no pain-free solution [...] And if he fails to carry through with this energy initiative, I'll be the first to rip him for it. In the meantime, I prefer to give him a new reputation to live up to. You never know... and by the way, pal, do you have a better horse to ride right now?

Actually, buddy, I do. It's called "limit the damage this administration can do for the next three years until we can elect someone who actually knows how to govern." The Bush administration is King Midas in reverse. They can do nothing right. If you need examples, check out the lack of post-war planning in Iraq, the inept response to Hurricane Katrina, the irresponsible fiscal policies, the pork-laden spending bills signed without even the threat of a veto, the Medicare drug benefit debacle, torturing prisoners... the list goes on and on.

Without any ability to influence this administration's behavior, the best thing we in the reality-based community can do is to oppose and obstruct anything and everything it proposes. And that means, Tom, that you have to stop acting like the battered wife who keeps crawling back to her husband because she thinks he might have really changed this time.


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